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We must know about catering

The big decision brides need to make is what food to serve the guests. Back in the day, couples pretty much had two choice when it came to wedding food ideas: a sit-down dinner or a buffet. But nowadays, the decision is much bigger than figuring out a plated vs. buffet wedding — there's also family-style dinners, mini food stations, cocktail-style receptions and even food trucks to consider.

  • Classic Dinner

    This traditional option is where guests are seated and served a formal dinner. Typically, guests are served three courses: appetizer, entrée, and dessertCaterers will usually give guests a choice of two (or three) entrées, which they select beforehand; another option is to serve each guest two proteins, such as meat and fish, on one plate (sometimes called a "duet" plate).

  • The Buffet

    A buffet features long tables with all of the dinner offerings presented in one line. Usually, there are servers behind the buffet to describe each dish (especially for allergy purposes) and to put appropriate portions on each guest's plate. If the wedding is large, it's not uncommon to have two separate buffet tables with the same food to keep things moving.

  • Serve Yourself Food Stations

    Serve yourself food stations have become very popular for wedding receptions. The concept breaks up your food displays — unlike a buffet which directs everybody through the food in the same order — with different tables offering different things, usually by category.

  • Family Style

    Similar to a sit-down dinner, a family-style reception has guests assigned to specific dinner tables and waiters to bring the food to the table. Large portions of the dinner offerings are placed on each table on serving platters for guests to fill their own plates.

  • Cocktail Style Reception

    If your venue is small, cocktail receptions allow you to have more people since you won't need dinner tables and chairs for every guest. Cocktail-style receptions allow you and your groom to easily circulate throughout the room and chat with everyone. Since you're not serving a main entrée, your food costs could potentially be more affordable.

  • Food Trucks

    The most recent development in wedding food ideas is having food trucks roll up and serve your guests. Ideal for outdoor receptions, food trucks will definitely give your event a hipster flair.


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