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We must know about choreographer

Wedding dance styles for the bride and groom’s first dance, father-daughter dance, mother son wedding dance and dancing at the reception include waltz, foxtrot and slow dancing but in recent years many more dance styles have become popular.

  • Waltz Dance Style

    The waltz dance is one of the most popular wedding dance styles. The waltz is a great choice for a wedding first dance. This dance is a smooth, fluid dance that normally moves around the floor in a counter clockwise direction. There is an additional rhythm called the Hesitation that is used in combination with three count or six count patterns in the waltz.

  • Foxtrot Dance Style

    The Foxtrot dance is a smooth, progressive dance that moves around the dance floor to a 4-beat rhythm with a combination of 6 or 8 beat patterns. It is an elegant wedding dance style that is perfect for a larger dance floor and a smooth medium tempo music especially big band style music or some of the contemporary artists like Michael Buble.

  • Swing Dance Style

    Swing dance is a term used to refer to a group of dances that includes the jitterbug, jive, boogie woogie, shag, Lindy hop, Balboa, West and East Coast swing. This is a fantastic choice for a wedding first dance if you are looking for an energetic wedding dance style for your wedding!

  • Rumba Dance Style

    The rumba dance (also Rhumba) is danced to Latin music that has is fluid and varies but averages about 140 beats per minute. It is rhythmic, sensual and romantic so it is a great choice for a wedding first dance.

  • Mambo Dance Style

    The mambo dance uses a faster music and is more staccato than the salsa. It is a more complex dance than the rumba and requires more time to become an accomplished mambo dancer.

  • Salsa Dance Style

    The salsa dance is a rhythmic Latin dance that has continued in popularity since the 1970’s. Choosing a salsa song to dance as a wedding first dance is an exciting option. This dance is sensual, fast paced and rhythmic. It requires more time to learn than a rumba or basic swing dance.


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