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Shubharena provides you to different wedding dressess for different cultures find your best vendor for your wedding dress.Weddings in India are a grand spectacle and like anywhere else in the world; the stars of this show are the bride and the groom. However, brides and grooms in the country differ from one region to the next. Love may be the common bond that binds soon to be wedded couples all over the country but wedding rituals, customs and even wedding garments vary according to different ethnicities and cultures.

  • Punjabi Bridal Wear

    Both Hindu Punjabi and Sikh Punjabi brides tend to stick with the lehenga choli or Salwar kameez ensemble for bridal wear. The traditional color is red or variations of this shade however pink and shades of pink have seemed to gain popularity in recent times.

  • Bengali Bridal Wear

    Most Bengali brides opt for an authentic Benarasi saree on their wedding day. These sarees are red, maroon or pink in color. The bride is adorned with bangles, mang tikka and payal along with exquisite ear accessories; among other items of both traditional and contemporary jewelry.

  • Malayalee Bridal Wear

    The traditional bridal garment of the Malayalee bride is the “Mundu”; this is a two piece saree and the bride is mostly adorned in flowers and jewelry. The Mundu is a silk garment and in most cases the Mundu is cream colored with a shimmery gold embroidered border.

  • North Indian Bridal Wear

    The lehenga choli is often the outfit of choice for brides in North India. Much like the Punjabi bridal garments; these lehenga choli outfits are often embroidered and accentuated with crystals, stonework, Kundan and even mirror work.

  • Christian Bridal Wear

    Christian’s are a religious minority spread all over India. Christian weddings are very much like what one would see in Hollywood movie and the bride is almost always dressed in perfect white gown with a delicate lace veil and a long train.

  • Muslim Bridal Wear

    Similar to Christians; followers of the Islamic faith are spread all over the country and Muslim brides almost always opt for the Anarkali Salwar kameez on their wedding day. This is known as the “shadi ka joda” and is almost always shades of red, pink and maroon. Green is also a popular color among Muslim brides.


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