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We must know about makeup artist

Choose different types of makeup looks for different occasions, depending on the weather, bridal outfit, lighting and time of the occasion.shubharena provides us different types of make for bridal.

  • HD Makeup

    HD, or High Definition, makeup is what we usually see people wearing on our TV’s and the big screen. Precision cameras can easily capture each and every line and crease on the face, both natural and formed by layers of makeup.The best part about HD makeup is that it does not feel heavy and makes you look extremely natural both on and off camera. It keeps your skin looking young and radiant for hours.

  • Airbrush Makeup

    Airbrush makeup is literally painting on makeup with an airbrush instead of traditional makeup application tools like brushes and sponges. It creates a layer of makeup, that has a smooth finish and makes you look flawless. It may feel a little heavy, especially if the weather is humid, but it lasts for hours.

  • Matte Makeup

    It’s a great makeup look for all types of occasions and for all times of the day. It’s light, allows your skin to breathe and looks bold. Matte makeup comes in a wide range of colours and hues, allowing many possibilities to create stunning looks.

  • Mineral Makeup

    Mineral makeup causes no damage or harm to the skin. It uses chemical-free makeup cosmetics that are as beautiful as other types of makeup looks without compromising on the health of the skin.

  • Natural Makeup

    It’s the perfect makeup look when you want to look great but not all made-up. It has the benefit of making you look flawless, while not distracting from your natural features.

  • Shimmer Makeup

    Shimmer makeup can completely transform one’s look from simple to stunning. It’s a touch of extra sparkle to make your shine and stand out. It’s extremely great for special occasions that call for that dramatic foot forward.


Searching a wedding makeup artist is not easy. Whether it is for a HD makeup, airbrush makeup,matte makeup,mineral makeup, natural makeup,shimmer makeup, smokey makeup,traditional bridal makeup,there are a host of options on Shubharena for makeup artist.

Choose from top makeup artist, see their wedding makeup artist in their album, filter by price and reviews to hire the best makeup artist for your wedding.