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We must know about paan supplier

Without paan wedding is not completed so we are providing many types of paan you can choose your choice and enjoy your wedding with amezing flavour of paan.Here's different types of paan like meetha paan,saada paan,banarasi paan etc.

  • Saada Paan

    Saada paan is very famous in Banaras as small kids can also have that paan. The specialty of sada paan in banaras is that it is full of sweet gems only. The name given to the paan is enough to tell that the paan is plain and there is no supari in the paan. Only paan leaves are used to make the paan. The paan is coated with silver and garnished with the cherry.

  • Paan Masala

    Paan masala is very famous in banaras. This is mainly for youngsters. It has lots of saffron and supari in it. The specialty of the paan is that it has berries and cherries also. The paan is coated with silver and tastes amazingly well.

  • Chocolate Paan

    Chocolate paan is very special in banaras as the taste of paan is simply out of the world. The paan is coated with lots of chocolate, and the taste is simply scrumptious. The chocolate enhances the taste of paan and makes it amazing.

  • Banarasi Patta Sada Paan

    The name of paan is saada paan, but it is not actually a sada paan. It has a maximum number of stuffing materials. Even I challenge that you cannot consume the whole pan at once. The paan is so big and amazing in taste.

  • Desi Patta Sada Paan

    This paan is same as the other paan, but the leaf of the paan is a little bit different as they are made with small single leaf.

  • Kesar Paan

    Kesar paan is also known as the Royal paan of Banaras. The paan is full of saffron, and the amazing paan is loaded with honey. The taste of kesar honey paan is incomparable. You must have this paan at least once.


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