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We must know about photography

Photography, as we all know, is the best way to preserve our memories by capturing them and cherishing them later. Be it from the earlier days when there were no colored pictures to a year old picture taken at a family function or a college reunion, we still cherish them with equal excitement and joy. With the advent of time, various photographers have come up with various ideas and styles of their own. And now there are various types of photography assigned for a particular type and genre. Apart from the photography that was done mostly by a single photographer, there are now multiple types of photographers assigned for a particular genre. There are photographers who are passionate about Wildlife Photography whereas there are some who have a keen interest in Fashion and wedding photography and so the list goes on. And apart from that we have wedding photography, Food photography, fashion photography, Aerial Photography, Architectural photography and so on.

  • Pre and Post wedding shoots

    This focuses mainly on the bride and the groom and portrays their immense love for each other. Nowadays more couples are inclined to this photo shoot more than their entire marriage ceremonies. This is the type of photography where the couple can be easy and be in their natural self where the true wedding emotions are captured.

  • Drone Photography

    This gives an aerial view of the moment captured and you will be able to see your pictures captured from a different view. Passionate photographers often use this technique to get a clear and total view of the moment to be captured.

  • Candid Photography

    This is the most significant type of photography as here they capture the real and un-posed photos which become meaningful. It focuses on all the natural things and moments by capturing the emotions, feelings and moments which will not seem natural when posed.

  • Destination Wedding Photography

    And lastly the destination wedding photography which is very popular in recent times. More people are opting for this kind of a wedding to celebrate their togetherness and a photographer need to be extremely skilled and experienced to capture according to the location and by searching for some good locations. Be it a beach wedding or a palace, they will get the best photos from that location.

  • Crane Photography

    Camera cranes go back to the dawn of movie-making, and were frequently used in silent films to enhance the epic nature of large sets and massive crowds.

  • Under Water Photography

    Underwater photography is the process of taking photographs while under water. It is usually done while scuba diving.


Searching a wedding photographer is not easy. Whether it is for a pre wedding shoot, your bridal photos, candid wedding photography or traditional photography there are a host of options on Shubharena for photographers.

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