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We must know about wedding decor

If you are planning your wedding, then it’s always better to contact an event management company who will guide you at each step. They have several years of experience and they know about the latest trends. They can understand your requirement and provide a complete solution.

  • Traditional Decoration

    It is one of the best and popular wedding decorations. There are several people in our India, who love traditional styles and mandap decoration for wedding. In this type of wedding, mandap and decoration are done based on the bride and groom’s culture and rituals. Flowers and different wood is used in this type of decorations.

  • Open wedding stage decoration

    The stage where the bride and groom seat for the rituals should be open. And based on the stage, different types of decoration are done. Different types of orchids, flowers are used in this decoration.

  • Decorate with the Balloons

    You can use different sizes balloon to decorate the stage. It’s one of the new and stylish decorations where you can make any beautiful pattern. Using different colorful balloons, you can make the mandap and flowers.

  • Modern Decoration

    There are different types of wedding decorations available in the market. You can choose any one as per your requirement and the budget. Choose the best one. Modern decorations include ribbon, flowers, colorful clothes, iron stand, etc. You can choose any one as per your need.

  • Contemporary Style

    Modern wedding stage decorations include contemporary styles with amplified lights and sound systems. It also includes colorful balloons, stars, glitters and disco balls.

  • Vintage Style

    A vintage wedding may or may not include a sit-down dinner, however, a cocktail wedding is usually more applicable to a vintage theme as cocktail parties were all the rage in the roaring ’20s. Jazz music, vintage photo booths, vintage wedding cars and even a vintage style venue are all popular ways to enhance the vintage theme.


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